Thank You for
Answering the Call.

When the calls came in. When COVID-19 came into our lives. When your community needed you most.

You stepped up to provide care at a moment’s notice.

Your skill. Your compassion.

Your sense of duty are on display every day.

In neighborhoods around the Five Boroughs and the Tri-State area.

In the worst of times. You are your best.

We see you. We thank you.

CrowdRx, a Global Medical Response company, salutes the women and men of EMS who answered the call, facing unprecedented peril, to help New York, New Jersey and Connecticut respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. As always, they were there for us at a moment’s notice.

As the virus continues to spread, we are urging local citizens to do their part: wear a mask, observe social distancing and get tested for the virus when and where you can. CrowdRx is also offering 15-minute testing at our Midtown offices for employees of CrowdRx-contracted companies. We can also arrange to visit your workplace anywhere in the state of New York.

For details, call 888.912.7693 or visit