CrowdRx, a Global Medical Response (GMR) solution, has been a fixture on TV and movie sets for more than 30 years. Our physician-led approach to stand-by medical services is proven and a known quantity among cast members and producers alike. When searching for a COVID-19 Compliance Officer, look no further than the medics already on set—CrowdRx.

Guidelines have recently been implemented for the safe resumption of on-set production in the television and film industries. In addition to enhanced medical services including temperature screening and wellness questionnaires, several guilds and studios mandated the creation of a new position: a COVID-19 Compliance Officer.

The duties of this new position are critical to protecting cast, crew and the public at large. Without a CrowdRx COVID Compliance Officer, production often cannot resume.

How it Works

As a leader and innovator in screening and testing for COVID-19, we use the best-trained medics with access to the latest technology to help a myriad of industries get back to work safely. The current guidelines for COVID-19 are specific and require the know-how of an established healthcare provider with comprehensive, turn-key, end-to-end coverage capabilities. Our Set Medic program offers just that.

  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), trained in Basic Life Support (BLS) including CPR, Oxygen, and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
  • COVID-19 screening using the latest non-contact infrared camera thermometers
  • Easy-to-use screening app
  • COVID-19 swab testing
  • Symptom monitoring
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provision, education and insurance of compliant usage
  • Monitoring physical distancing
  • Enhanced options for monitoring COVID-19-positive individuals through GMR’s Nurse Navigation resources

Benefits of the CrowdRx Set Medic Program

  • Program overseen by physicians with access to the latest science and compliant with all CDC recommendations
  • Comprehensive network across the country with a concentration of resources in high-production states like California, New York and Florida
  • Enhanced options for monitoring COVID-19-positive cast and crew, ensuring proper treatment and safely returning them to the set
  • Staffed by Emergency Medical Technicians trained and equipped for BLS response as well as COVID-19 compliance
  • EMTs are covered by CrowdRx comprehensive insurance – workers compensation, professional/malpractice, and general liability

The Safe Way Forward for Television and Film Production During COVID-19

Let our Set Medics help you get the film rolling again!



  • Containment
  • Deterrent to individuals considering traveling with un-diagnosed symptoms of fever
  • Flexibility in escalation of screening protocols due to level of risk
  • Reassurance for other travelers that could be exposed.

Thermal imaging as a fever screening tool is used as a first level mass screening test that is sensitive and accurate at identifying all individuals that are above normal temperature and have a systemic fever. The initial level screening, primary screening, provides little or no inconvenience or interruption of movement for most of the people being screened. Our thermal imaging systems are operated by highly trained technicians who work hand in hand with our medical staff.

CrowdRx Fever Screen works by comparing people’s skin temperatures against an average set temperature, that can be adjusted by the user.

Note: This system will only detect above normal body temperature that are typically associated with fevers, it will not detect early stages of infection.



  • Focused on the individual
  • Higher accuracy
  • Follow up to scanning where required
  • Controls flow of entrants
  • Can be performed anywhere

Out Active scanning can be deployed as a stand alone service where Passive system may not be the required approach. As well, CrowdRx can deploy an experienced team of screening technicians and an Emergency Physician for secondary screening in conjunction with our Passive Fever Scanning systems. CrowdRx’s Physician-led approach to all our services, including Passive and Active fever screening, ensures the outmost care provided to individuals.

Designed by Physicians, our active screening process doesn’t end at the site. For individuals who have been screened, our optional Telehealth follow-up consultation is unique in the industry.

Note: Active scanning services can be provided independently of our Passive Scanning services.

CrowdRx Fever Scan Deployment

  • Fever screening stations are self-contained and portable, so they can be set-up in temporary locations very quickly.
  • Single units can operate as primary mass screening stations as well as secondary screening stations.
  • With multiple stations deployed, for high volume traffic, a single unit is normally designated as the secondary screening station.


When casting for this role, CrowdRx™ is ready for its closeup. We provide medical care and technical consulting in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Looking to speak with a COVID Compliance Officer?

Go with the leader you already trust and recognize! Highly skilled with low overhead, our medics deliver quality medical care and COVID-19 oversight within almost any budget. Our knowledge and data for protocols and procedures help you keep your set safe and affordable. For more information, please email us at info@crowdrx.org or call us now at 888.912.7693

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    Passive On-Set Thermal Imaging in Action