Helping our clients innovate in the pandemic

As the pandemic continues, CrowdRx serves its clients with strategic, cutting-edge solutions to keep business moving as safely as possible.

Madison Square Garden has been a CrowdRx client for over three decades. We’ve provided the necessary medical services, including onsite medical care, emergency response, and more, for every event there since 1991.

In November 2020, Louis Vuitton held a Virtual Madison Square Garden Experience to launch an NBA capsule collection. Out Team was there planning and implementing comprehensive medical services, spanning pre-event COVID-19 testing to onsite medical support and health screenings.

Specifical event safety strategies included:

  • COVID-19 testing of all Louis Vuitton and Madison Square Garden staff, as well as anyone else on site
  • Health screening, including symptom checks and health questionaries every time anyone entered the site
  • Onsite emergency response capabilities on hand, including an ambulance and emergency medical technicians


The event proved to be a successfully-reimagined digital shopping experience, safely celebrating an iconic brand, setting, and sport.

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