The CrowdRx™ team reduces risk and maximizes medical care where ever people gather. Our Physician-led and medic-level event services can be tailored to your crowd needs and budget requirements, bridging the gap between medical, security, and public safety.

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Physician-Led Medical Coverage

Our screened, insured, and board-certified emergency physicians are on call to bring an ER-level of care to venue with treatment protocols that can keep participants on site.  A doctor at your event reduces the need to transport patrons away from your event.

Medic-Level Medical Coverage

Basic and Advanced Life Support is delivered on site and in transit by our teams of Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics.  From first responders to last-out standby, our medical teams are trained extensively with current certifications in emergency care and public safety.

Ambulance Standby/Transport

As part of the GMR family of companies, CrowdRx has access to the largest fleet of Ambulances and Transport vehicles in the country, providing effective and dependable standby services for your event. Under the direction of physicians, crew members are cross-trained to provide specialty care in crowds.

Grounds Coverage

In addition to ambulances, CrowdRx paramedics and EMTs also deliver medical care on bicycles, golf carts, and Segways, where the grounds and terrain of your event prevent easy access.

First Aid Stations

You won’t have to give First Aid a second thought with our medically-staffed care stations. These portable setups go beyond blankets and bandaids to provide weather protection and medical attention for your event participants.

ADA Compliance

Events are often held in locations rife with challenges for Americans with disabilities.  CrowdRx can address these issues to help everyone participate in your event in meaningful ways.

Set Medics

On-set stunt work, lighting, and rigging are usually accompanied by on-site medical services. When casting for this role, CrowdRx™ is ready for its closeup. We provide medical care and technical consulting in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Flight Paramedics/Nurses

Well-grounded in critical care, our flight staff can accompany patients on flights around the globe and in private care on land.

CrowdRx Courses

Our proprietary on-site and online courses in basic life support, advanced life support, emergency management and other public health and safety topics provide quality training for medical personnel.

Construction Sites

OSHA-certified CrowdRx professionals offer on-site medical care for the construction industry.  In addition to urgent care, we administer alcohol and drug testing and maintain electronic logs for worker compensation reviews to help keep the site safe for all.

Action Plans and Permits

Our sharp skills for cutting through the red tape of regulation and requirements has been honed over the years so we can streamline the process for your operation. We specialize in all aspects of Department of Health permit acquisition and can develop an action plan for events of any size.

VIP Medical Services

Athletes, performers, executives, dignitaries and other VIPs can be medically cared for and and attended to with professionalism and confidentiality.

Reporting and Analysis

We offer data collection, reporting and post-event recommendations to give you a strategic and tactical advantage with your future events.

Peer Ambassador Program

CrowdRx can provide a peer-lead ambassador program for your next event. Ambassadors offer guests a friendly, helping hand and alert medical staff when help is needed.

COVID Compliance Officers (CoVCO)

Guidelines have recently been implemented for the safe resumption of on-set production in the television and film industries. In addition to enhanced medical services including temperature screening and wellness questionnaires, several guilds and studios mandated the creation of a new position: a COVID-19 Compliance Officer.

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