Protecting your hearing doesn’t have to ruin your experience

85 db

or higher can cause hearing loss

30 secs

maximum safe time without hearing protection at a loud concert or sporting event

250 M

people worldwide are affected by hearing loss


of young adults in the US and Europe have some degree of hearing loss

How loud is too loud?

The risk of hearing damage can be roughly calculated as “how loud” and “how long” you are exposed to a certain level of sound. Experts agree that continuous exposure to noise at or above 85 dB(A) can cause hearing loss. If your experience leaves your ears ringing, or dulls your hearing sense, you’ve been listening to something that’s too loud or for too long without proper hearing protection. Todays hearing protection solutions are fantastic. High fidelity hearing protection turns the volume down without distorting the sound – you’ll have a great audio experience. A vast improvement on foam, the ear plugs are comfortable, discreet and reusable.


We work with EarPeace because their products are best in class. Great sound, comfort and style. They have a proven track record and are one of the original high fidelity hearing protection companies. We partner with many of the same festivals and events, and EarPeace works with artists like Metallica and brands like Red Bull. EarPeace is the hearing protection that we recommend for our medical staff and fans. For more information, visit