Making reopening safe for everyone

As part of our CrowdRx Go! reopening services, we worked with client RWS Entertainment Group, a New York City-based production company that creates branded stage shows and experiences worldwide. We partnered with RWS to develop health and safety protocols for both the reopening of its NYC rehearsal complex and its return to live experience production.

Some of the health and safety measures that will govern the reopening of its NYC space include requiring all who enter to pass through a non-invasive temperature check and mask verification screening, as well as carrying out electrostatic disinfection in all rehearsal rooms multiple times daily. We also worked with RWS to develop a guide titled Health and Hygiene Protocol for Performing Artists.

In providing our consulting services, we create policies and procedures for safely reopening venues. We monitor trends and the most recent information, and boil it all down to concise, actionable plans for our clients. When RWS came to us, we started with the CDC public health safety guidelines—but didn’t stop there. Live production calls for additional measures that we tailored specifically for the safety of both the performers and the audience in the experiential entertainment industry.

We are proud of the role we are playing in bringing live entertainment back to our world as safely as possible.

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