Eagle Pharmaceutical Inc.’s Treatment Approved for Malignant Hyperthermia is Being Studied for Intoxication of Psychostimulant Drugs by CrowdRx, Inc.

Intoxication produced by certain illicit stimulant drugs may lead to a life-threatening condition in which the person experiences severe increase in body temperature, metabolic abnormalities, rapid heart rate, aggressiveness, delusions, convulsions, coma or even death.

Eagle Pharmaceuticals is conducting a clinical study to investigate the use of Ryanodex (dantrolene sodium) for the treatment of the acute toxicity induced by illicit psychostimulant drugs, such as MDMA (“Ecstasy”), methamphetamine or MDMC (“Molly”).

Ryanodex is currently approved for the treatment of malignant hyperthermia, a rare life-threatening condition secondary to the use of certain anesthetics and muscle relaxants.  Malignant hyperthermia shares some of the same signs and symptoms observed in patients with acute intoxication by psychostimulant drugs.

These illicit psychostimulant drugs are commonly taken at large mass gathering events such as outdoor electronic music festivals.

CrowdRx, a New York based corporation, will implement Eagle’s clinical study at selected summer music festivals, to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Ryanodex for the treatment of psychostimulant drug-induced toxicity.

The current standard treatment of this serious condition is limited to cooling with ice and water and other supportive measures.  Patients in the study may receive Ryanodex in addition to the standard treatment, or standard treatment only.

More details about this clinical study can be found at: https://www.crowdrx.org/egl-4104-c-1702/

About CrowdRx, Inc.

CrowdRx, Inc., is a New York based medical services company focused on providing health services at mass gathering events, specifically major music festivals, sporting venues, and entertainment arenas. Led by Dr. Andrew Bazos, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, the CrowdRx team of emergency physicians and public safety experts prescribe and deliver medical services for large gatherings nationwide. Additional information is available at www.crowdrx.org.

About Eagle Pharmaceutical’s Inc. 

Eagle is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing injectable products, primarily in the areas of critical care, orphan diseases, and oncology.  Additional information about Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc. and its products may be found at www.eagleus.com.